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New Case Study: Athens State Improves Student Achievement with Tegrity

We’re proud to announce the release of another case study showcasing Tegrity user success! In this study, we investigate Athens State’s use of Tegrity and how it has helped students overcome unique obstacles and achieve a new level of academic success.

Athens State University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Alabama. Established in 1822, AthensĀ  services approximately 3,600 students, most of whom have children and work full-time.

To better serve its nontraditional student body, Athens began using Tegrity as a way to record lectures, old andĀ  new. The goal was to improve access to course material such that students could study when, where and how they wanted. Tegrity lecture capture ultimately helped Athens maintain its accreditation, ensuring that students who attend live and/or online classes get an equally valuable learning experience.

Our case study on Athens State’s use of Tegrity further discovered:

  • Athens professors are also leveraging Tegrity as a tool for recording lectures that may be used weeks, months or years later, and for transferring library reserves, such as content from VHS and DVD recordings.
  • Every class, captured on or off campus, is automatically stored and indexed within the right course for enrolled students to access, so students can learn while at home, on the road, or between jobs and child day care shifts.
  • Today, over 300 Athens classes across majors use Tegrity.

Click here to download the full case study!