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Top Three Ways to Combat Cheating with Remote Proctoring

With the growth in online learning, the desire for colleges and universities to maintain certification for their online learning programs, and the need to ensure the integrity of results for exams taken remotely, the interest in remote proctoring solutions is on the rise.

In a recent feature article, eCampus News examined how Wyoming’s Laramie County Community College employs Tegrity for remote proctoring of student nursing exams.

Cheating among web-based students made headlines in the closing weeks of the spring 2011 semester, when students at the State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University were caught May 12 collaborating with each other during online quizzes. Could the cheating at Upstate Medical have been prevented with remote proctoring?  Many institutions think so.

Another reason interest in remote proctoring has increased sharply is because it can add up to big savings.  According to Laramie CCC, in one course alone they were able to save students $40,000 in proctoring facility fees by using Tegrity’s Remote Proctoring feature.

Other institutions, too, are becoming more comfortable with remote proctoring.  Soon after launch, there are already over 30 U.S. institutions using Tegrity for their remote proctoring needs.  How would your institution benefit from remote proctoring?